Pre-departure Orientation in Michigan

The pre-departure orientation at the Emrich Retreat Center in Brighton, Michigan has come to a close. The sixteen participants in the trip all arrived at the center on Wednesday from all over the US- California, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, and New York and teach in disciplines such as English, Religion, French and Art (among others). We have already started to get to know each other in the cozy quarters of Bonhoeffer Hall, and this is only the beginning of the adventure.

We had two full days of lectures by the program director Dr. Jim Miller, program coordinator Paul Love, and guest scholars Dr. Ken Perkins and Dr. Susan Schaeffer-Davis on topics like Islam in the Maghrib, Christianity and Judaism in Tunisia, and Religious Lives of Moroccan Women.

We are leaving now for Morocco; first from Detriot to JFK, then JFK to Casablanca, then on a bus to Rabat, the capital of Morocco that we will call home for the first two weeks of our trip.

I am writing this relatively short post on the plane in Detroit from my iPhone. I have the WordPress app and wanted to see what I could do with it. I’ll try to post some photos later.

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3 Responses to Pre-departure Orientation in Michigan

  1. M Buffy Rogers says:

    I look forward to unit of study you’ll produce. I usually do visual research before I read a word of what’s written on the subject. I think it allows us preknowledge about what the author may have to say. We can recognize connections to what we’ve seen and those hidden layers of meaning. Purely visual knowledge can be limiting while with the written word we are further enriched. Best of luck in your fabulous method of research.

  2. Ingrid Shults says:

    So excited for you Sue! Thanks for sharing your experiences so we, well I, can live vicariously!

  3. Caroline Uhlig says:

    Hi Sue – Excitement abounds & it sounds like a good start w/many subjects already opening to you. Love & be safe – Mom U

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